Things to do in Abancay

Things to do in Abancay

Abancay, is known as the valley of the white lilies in the Quechua dialect. Established in 1574, this colorful town is the capital of the Apurimac jurisdiction and is popular for its ostentatious local cuisine, which offers mouth-watering dishes, such as stuffed guinea pig, bean soup with milk and eggs, and traditional meat cooked on hot rocks. An excellent time to visit is during the days of Carnival, which is celebrated in the month of April. The town is obscured by a raised peak, which is called Monte Ampay at 5,235 meters, it is an amazing mountain that affirms that the region enjoys one of the most docile climates in the highlands of the Peruvian territory. This hill is located within the Ampay National Sanctuary, a protected area that houses natural forests, lagoons and white peaks.

Abancay is the starting point to investigate the attractions of this territory. For example, the Curahuasi region is the most popular since it is the one that prepares the best anise liquor in Peruvian territory, Saywite, one of the best paradigms of Inca attribute and the great Apurimac canyon, a beautiful and fierce region reasoned as one of the most remote places in the world, excellent for hiking and whitewater rafting.

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